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It's Balm Time!

EDIT: Beard Balms are now available - CLICK HERE

We know a lot of you have been waiting for these, we've had tonnes of emails and messages on Facebook about the release of our balms. We can finally tell you, "yes, they are here!" 😎

We've worked tirelessly to develop a great all-round balm that will not only nourish your beard and skin but also provide hold. Over 150 formulas were tested to make sure we have the best beard balm on the market!
Testing is now complete, safety reports have been obtained, notifications have been made and we're ready to go!

The balms will be released for purchase on Sunday 29th July at 12:00pm.

CLICK HERE on 29/07/18 at 12pm to go to the beard balm section!

Be quick because demand will be high! You can sign up for our mailing list (at the foot of this page) to be reminded on release day.

Scroll down for scent descriptions

The Scents:

Citrus Nefarious
Intended for rebels who live life on the edge, this energising scent keeps your spirits uplifted as you take on your next challenge. Fruity and fresh, our Citrus Nefarious fragrance gently stimulates and powerfully invigorates the senses to envelop them with rejuvenation.
Notes: Lemon, Lime, Orange & Grapefruit.

Morning Dew
Start each day anew with a splash of Morning Dew! Offering a minty peppermint base mixed with the zesty quality of citrus, this scent cools and enlivens to uplift, rejuvenate and energise the soul. A touch of tea tree has been blended in to give the fresh fragrance an earthy finish.
Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint & Tea Tree

Orphic Forest
Drawing inspiration from a wooded wonderland, this scent perfectly captures the essence of man. The freshness of pine needle meets the woodsy intensity of chopped lumber to render a brawny fragrance that tempts and teases the senses.
Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Rosewood & Pine

The year was 1928, the place Philadelphia and the genius was Walter Diemer. Bubblegum is something we take for granted these days, so we thought why not hark back to the 1920s with our Bubblegum scented beard balm. A favourite among men and women alike, you'll love wearing it and your partner will love the scent!
Notes: Bubblegum

Taking you back to the halcyon days of summer, the warm air, the light breeze and the baking hot sun. This Mango scented beard balm will leave you feeling fresh, sweet and nostalgic long into the day.
Notes: Mango

Have yourself a dalliance with our Frankincense and Fig beard balm. The rich notes of Frankincense mingle with the ripe fruity notes of Fig to produce what has been described by some as "the best smelling thing I've ever put on my beard".
Notes: Frankincense & Fig