Beard Balm, Everything You Need To Know
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Beard Balm, Everything You Need To Know

A beard balm is a fantastic beard care product and is a favourite for so many men in the UK for many reasons. In this blog you will find out what a beard balm is, what a beard balm should be made from and if a balm is the right product for you, plus an in depth guide for beard balm application and much more.

What is a beard balm?

Beard balm is a 2-in-1 styling product designed to re-hydrate and nourish your facial hair whilst also giving your beard the hold you desire to scape your hair. It offers some of the beneficial qualities of a beard oil, but with the addition of beeswax you have the power to shape as you please.

What ingredients can I expect to find in a beard balm?

In a well manufactured beard balm you can expect to find a wide variety of natural base oils and a combination of natural butters like Mango or Shea.

Each of these ingredients provide you with extremely beneficial hair rejuvenating qualities, that have been recognised for their ability to nourish, moisturise and soften your facial hair. In addition a natural beeswax is also blended in to allow you to shape and style your beard, the beeswax is key to giving you the hold.

We recommend a low to medium hold beard balm because too much wax can have an adverse effect on your beard as the wax will make your beard very coarse and stiff.  A lighter hold has less wax but still enables you to style as you please.

Who might need a beard balm?

Men who are interested in styling their beards or who simply want to tame their mane will appreciate how this product performs. Gentlemen with longer beards would particularly value a balm because it allows you to quickly gain control over any unruly hairs plus it's super easy to shape once you've applied it to your beard.

How do I use beard balm?

Applying beard balm to your beard is a very simple process, read about the easy application technique below.

Step 1: Do I need to prepare my beard before applying beard balm?

It is important to thoroughly wash your face and beard to remove any dead skin cells that may potentially block pores.

Pat your face dry gently with a soft towel. Don't be tempted to rub your skin harshly with a rough towel as this can irritate the delicate surface of the skin and also damage the elasticity in your face. Don't remove all of the moisture from your beard as it is easier to apply beard balm to towel dried hair.

Step 2: Should I use beard oil before I apply the balm to my beard?

It is not essential to apply beard oil prior to using a balm. However some men prefer to do this as it is an excellent way to boost the overall moisture and increase the nutrients that pass in to your hair follicles.

Step 3: How much beard balm do I need to use?

The quantity of balm your require is dependant on the look you're aiming to achieve and the type of balm you choose. Beard balm contains beeswax which is what gives it that secure hold. However quantities vary between brands so always read the description to see what level of hold it is intended for.

For a low to medium hold balm such as Balm House's beard balm see below for quantity guide 

Beard Length Amount Required
Short (1-4cm) Thumbnail Sized
Medium (4-8cm) 1.5 Thumbnail Sized
Long (8cm+) 2+ Thumbnail Sized

Remember this is just a rough guide. You will quickly gage how much you prefer to use once you start experimenting.

Step 4: How do I apply the beard balm to my beard?

Don't be shy whilst applying beard balm get stuck in, either place your finger directly in to the balm or use the applicator tool to scoop out the desired amount. The balm might be quite cool and firm to touch so you may need to work it in your hands until it is a smooth creamy consistency. Once evenly spread over the palm of your hands begin to glide your fingers through your beard ensuring you distribute the balm evenly throughout your facial hair. You may need to wipe away the excess balm from your hand.

Step 5: How do I use beard Balm to style my beard?

The balm will begin to dry in your hair and once it sets the hair will feel a little firmer, this is just the wax setting. Don't worry there is no rush to style the beard because you can still re-work the shape even after the balm has set. Simply glide your brush or comb through the beard until you have achieved the desired effect. A boar hair brush will give you more control as its fine bristles are able to tease the hair in the right direction.

Step 6: How long should a balm last

When discussing the durability of a balm there are a few contributing factors that you may need to consider.

  • The type of balm you use for example low/medium/high hold
  • The amount you choose to use
  • What elements is your beard subjected to throughout the day

    Probably the most important of the three is what your beard is exposed to during the day, for example if your work outdoors and constantly have to contend with rain and wind, the longevity of the balm may be compromised.

    Step 7: Will I need to re apply the beard balm throughout the day?

    If you wish to refresh your beard throughout the day to give yourself that extra hold, you might want to start first by brushing or combing your beard lightly to remove any unwanted debris that may have landed. Then proceed with step 5 but consider using less for your reapplication so that you don't harden your beard unless an ultra firm hold is your desired effect. Then re-scape with your brush or comb.

    Should I use a Beard Balm if I have sensitive skin?

    As mentioned earlier a good balm is typically made from a variety of oils and butters combined with beeswax for hold and scented with a blend of essential oils or fragrance oils.

    If you know you have sensitive skin we always recommend checking the ingredients first. You are far less likely to have any skin irritation with a natural product. Obviously everyone is different so always do a patch test first and leave for 48 hrs to assess how your skin has reacted. If you're happy that the beard balm has not caused any irritation to your skin then proceed to use the beard balm.

    If you do have a mild reaction to a beard balm and are confident that you're not allergic to the base ingredients it might be worth investigating what fragrances are used some people have found that essential oils cause irritation to their skin but they're perfectly fine with fragrance oils and vice versa.

    So if you're not sure always do a patch test and if you're absolutely certain that you're allergic to both essential and fragrance oils, you might be better of trying an unscented oil. You'll get all the beneficial conditioning qualities of a balm without the hold.

    Why is Balm House Beard Balm the best in the UK?

    We're extremely proud of our beard balm and sure that once you try it you'll think so too. We spent a great deal of time experimenting with various oils, butters and waxes in order to get just the right consistency.

    As a styling product the key focus is to provide a solution that gives you control over you beard. As beard care specialists, we wanted to go one step further and introduce a unique product to the market which offers similar qualities to a beard oil but with the ability to control and style your beard too. 

    Our beard balm is a low to medium hold because we wanted to bring you the perfect balance of hair care treatment and low maintenance styling. Too much wax in a balm doesn't enable your hair to appreciate the benefits of the other quality ingredients.

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