Beard Balm Or Beard Butter
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Beard Balm Or Beard Butter

You've been growing a beard for quite sometime and you've heard a bunch of products mentioned like beard oil, beard balm and beard butter. They claim to style, tame or soften your facial hair but you're not really certain which products do what. This blog will bring you up to speed with all you need to know about beard balm and beard butter.

What Is A Beard Balm?

A beard balm is a 2-in-1 styling product, specially designed to give you control over those wandering whiskers. As well as great hold, a natural balm will give plenty of hair conditioning bonuses. 

So what is it about the balm that helps keep my beard tidy? The secret to a beard balm's ability to control hair is beeswax. Once the balm has been applied to your beard, a setting process begins. This will help your beard stay in the position you have styled it, but don't worry there's no rush, a good balm will have plenty of flexibility meaning a quick brush will fix any unruly hairs.

There are many different strength balms out there which will cater to your individual needs. If you're the kind of gent who prefers a firmer hold then you should look out for a stronger hold balm but be aware, stronger balms can have their consequences. Your beard will look neat but due to the excessive quantity of wax, it might feel stiff and dry. It's often better to use a lighter hold balm and if you feel like you need a little bit of extra support, just top up.

If you read our last blog comparing the benefits of an oil versus a balm, you'll already know that a well made balm is packed full of highly beneficial natural ingredients, which will leave your beard feeling healthy and re-hydrated. Some of these ingredients include Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and more. 

What Is A Beard Butter?

A beard butter is designed to be the ultimate facial hair rejuvenating product. It's packed full of valuable ingredients which will moisturise, soften and nourish your beard. The absence of beeswax in a beard butter makes it a much softer product. The fluffy creamy texture of a butter makes it a pleasure to apply and the slow absorbing nature of the product ensures your beard will benefit highly from the natural butters and oils contained within.

There are a few different ways to use beard butter. Some men choose to apply it at night and sleep with the product in, this allows the butter plenty of time to get to work and it will result in an extremely soft & manageable beard in the morning.
The alternative is to use beard butter during the day (often first thing in the morning). With its long lasting effects, this product will ensure your beard stays hydrated and manageable long into the day. The styling and hold abilities of a beard butter are less than that of a beard balm, it will offer some limited hold, but what it lacks in hold & styling, it certainly makes up for in conditioning. 

One of the many perks of a butter is its ability to combat the symptoms of an itchy dehydrated and flaky beard. The butter will get to work immediately, quickly targeting the effected area, offering relief from irritation.  

For some men, a beard butter is sometimes preferable to a beard oil. If you're looking for much stronger conditioning properties than a beard oil can offer and you don't like how a balm feels in your beard, then beard butter is a great consideration. 

Take a look at the table below to see a side-by-side comparison of beard balm and beard butter, this will help you make an informed decision about which product is right for you.

Attributes Beard Butter Beard Balm
Shine Enhancing
Hair Strengthening
Moisture Boosting
Helps Repair Skin Cells
Prevents Itching
Reduces Beardruff
Enhances Softness And Elasticity
More Manageable Beard
Easy Styling
Shaping Capabilities


Unlike an an oil or a butter, a balm is intended for beard styling as well as beard care. Although it does offer many great skin and hair care qualities, its true function is to help manage and style your beard. Whereas as a butter is a powerful conditioning product that offers less hold but has the ability to revitalise even the driest beards.

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