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Beard Gift Set Guide

So you're looking for beard gift set ideas or information on the best beard gift sets available in the UK, right? You’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to buying gifts for our loved ones, it can be hard to think of an individual, unique gift every year that shows you have put some thought into their wants and needs. For any bearded individuals within your life, you simply cannot go wrong with a beard gift set. But why?

If you don’t have a beard yourself, we welcome you into the world of all things beards! You may be unaware, but from thick beards to finely honed goatees, without the right products beards of all shapes and sizes can become dull, dehydrated and itchy. That’s why gifting your friend, partner or family member a high quality beard gift set is a fantastic, thoughtful choice for any occasion. Beard products protect, soothe, hydrate and condition, making your gift one that will be remembered.

However, with a wide selection of beard gift sets in the market, how do you know which set to purchase? Whether you’re looking for a gift for a special birthday, anniversary or seasonal celebration, in this blog we’ll explore and discuss everything you need to know about selecting the best beard care gift set.

What Makes A Good Beard Gift Set?

Let’s start with the basics. There are three main areas in which beard gift sets can excel or fail, namely selection, quality and presentation.

The ability to choose what is in your beard gift set is vitally important - not just the products themselves, but also the scents. Whatever aroma you’re going for, musky and masculine, citrusy and fresh or minty clean, you don't want to be limited to just one scent. Variety is key for a brilliant beard grooming experience, ensuring that your lucky gift set recipient has different options when it comes to which scent to use. Think peppermint and citrus in the morning, fig and frankincense in the evening and a musky woodland scent for a night out on the town!

Next, quality. Arguably the most important characteristic, the quality of your beard gift set is going to make or break whether your gift goes down in history as one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts ever. A lot of beard gift sets touted on the likes of eBay and Amazon may look great in the photos in addition to being inexpensive, but this will most typically come at the expense of high quality ingredients and aromas that make beard grooming products so effective. They are much more likely to be mass-produced, lower quality goods featuring non-beard-specific ingredients - a big no-go in our eyes.

A good example of this is the quality of a beard comb (see our post here). Quality is such a defining factor when selecting a beard gift set, as if you’re buying it as a gift and spending money on someone, you do want the quality to be the very best.

Now onto presentation, another key element you need to consider when buying a beard gift set. When it comes to gifts, we all know how annoying it is to buy lots of smaller individual presents and being forced to come up with some innovative way of making it look cohesive. Do you throw them all into a gift bag, spend even more money on a hamper box and end up with a living room full of wrapping plastic? You get the picture.

Try to avoid buying something that is advertised as a gift set, yet shows no pictures of the actual gift set. You will likely end up with some products in a shipping box in the same way you would if you'd bought them separately, creating the above annoying situation that none of us have time for. If you’re spending money on a gift set, it should turn up looking beautifully packaged, ready to be simply wrapped in wrapping paper for the ultimate unwrapping reveal. Who’s the best gift buyer around? It’s you!

What Should I Look For In A Beard Gift Set?

Variety is the spice of life - a phrase which is hugely applicable to selecting the best beard gift set in town. A good beard gift set isn’t just a bottle of beard oil and a comb that you’d pick up in your local supermarket’s gift aisle, it’s a curated set of products crafted by someone (with a beard) that really knows their stuff.

A great example is our "Deluxe Beard Grooming Gift Set", a gift box containing two beard oils, a beard balm, a sandalwood beard comb, a boar hair beard brush and a pair of professional trimming scissors. Even better, with both our oils and our balm, you’re free to select from a range of varied scents to personalise the gift set even further. The fact that this gift set contains everything you need to care for a beard is a great start, but the ability to individually choose the scent of these products makes this gift set truly outstanding.

Secondly, look for quality products. Cheap products compiled into a set simply don't cut it and will be left unused. Think of all the low quality gift sets you’ve received for Christmas, and consider for a second how many have never been used (or been re-gifted - we won’t tell.)

To ensure you’re getting what you’ve paid for, don’t only look at reviews of the gift set but also look at reviews of the individual products within the set. Here at Balm House, we're extremely proud of our products and gift sets, and we can say without bias that the reviews really do speak for themselves.

Where Can I Find The Best Beard Gift Set In The UK?

Balm House was founded in 2017 by a man with a beard, and a woman who was tired of the complaints from the bearded man that he could never find a suitable, high quality beard product to his taste. Combining Anthony’s beard product creation skills and personal experience of having a beard with Charlotte’s extensive knowledge of the benefits of natural oils and aromatherapy, our wide range of products have been tried, tested and reviewed extensively.
We’re pleased to offer a range of outstanding gift sets to pick from, ensuring that there is truly something suitable for everyone and every budget. From our Beard Oil & Balm Gift Set, featuring our signature beard oil & balm alongside our expertly crafted cellulose-acetate beard comb, to our Deluxe Beard Grooming Gift Set full of wonderful products for the full beard grooming experience, you’re sure to find something you love.

"Beautiful gift box bought for my son! Smells divine! He loves it! Excellent quality product."
- Sally Zakaria

When it comes to gift sets, we’re highly flexible, and we want you to be able to get exactly what you’re looking for in a beard gift set - not just pre-selected scents. If there’s something specific you’d like a gift set and you can’t find it on our website, simply drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Using only the very best ingredients and showcasing each gift set in our distinctive, beautiful, black gift boxes, our product quality is second-to-none. We take the utmost care to put every gift set together as if it were for our own family, and we make sure that they are packaged safely and securely for shipping.

Purchased this for my husband as a Christmas present, he loved it. It was very well presented, arrived well packed and on time. This is a great gift and would highly recommend it.
- Jeannette Wall

There's a belief in all forms of retail that the product never looks like the picture, so we’re here to break the mold. Our gift sets do actually look like the picture, so in the below photo we’ve shown you some gift sets ready to be packed for shipping. They look identical to the product photo, meaning there's no nasty surprises when our gift sets land at your door. 

Best Beard Gift Set UK

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