Grainy beard balm, is it good or bad?
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Grainy beard balm, is it good or bad?

Grainy beard balm is a hot topic on social media at the moment, so let's have a chat about it and find out whether this is good or bad.

You might have noticed one or more of your beard balms have gone grainy over time or even arrived slightly grainy. Is this bad? The answer is no, not at all.

Why do beard balms go grainy?
It's down to temperature and how the balm reacts to it. If a balm is warmed slightly and allowed to sit and set over a long period at room temperature, the fatty acids within the natural butters used (particularly Shea Butter) separate from the rest of the formulation and form tiny grains or beads.

Is a balm ruined when it goes grainy?
No, a beard balm is absolutely fine if it goes grainy. It's not ideal from a texture point of view, most people like a smooth beard balm. All you need to do is spend a little extra time ensuring you melt the balm in your hands completely before application. It does not affect the balm's performance in any way.

How do I prevent grainy balm?
Beard balms need to be flash cooled so the fatty acids don't get chance to separate, Balm House Beard Balm is flash cooled straight from the heat during manufacturing to reduce the chances of grains forming.
It is possible that a balm can be warmed up if kept in a pocket or near a radiator, if the balm then sits and cools down over time it will allow the fatty acids to separate and form grains.
Make sure your balm is kept in a cool place away from any heat sources and direct sunlight.

Can I fix a grainy balm?
The short answer is yes, you can re-melt your beard balm and then flash cool it in a fridge or freezer, once set it will be fine to start using again. However, you need to consider the fact that a balm will have essential oils or fragrance oils in it.
When a balm is manufactured the butters are heated to melting point, the natural oils are then added and the fragrance at the very end just before cooling. Heating a balm to melting point that has essential oil or fragrance oil in it isn't ideal, this may also change the way it smells.

How do I re-melt my balm?
Melting natural butters and oils is a gentle process. Do not apply heat directly to the tin/tub, steam is the best method, it takes time but it's gentle. If you apply heat directly to your balm the oils and butters can turn into fats and your balm will be ruined.
Use the double boiler method. Bring a pan of water to the boil, lay something across the top of the pan that will allow the steam to pass through, place your balm on top and use the steam to gently melt your balm until it is completely liquid. Place your melted balm in the fridge or freezer for a few hours and it will set.

So to recap, your grainy balm is absolutely fine to use, it's down to personal preference as to whether you melt and re-set your balm to make it smooth again.

Remember, Balm House Beard Balm is manufactured to help prevent grains from forming, just remember to store it correctly and you'll be fine!

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