How To Clean Your Beard Brush
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How To Clean Your Beard Brush

Beard brushes can take some real stick, lost hairs, dead skin, dust and beard products. They all build up in your brush over time and aside from looking unsightly it can be a big problem from a hygiene perspective.

When looked after properly, a good quality beard brush can last a lifetime. We have prepared this quick guide to help you get the best from your brush and keep it looking brand new.

How To Clean Your Beard Brush

Why should I clean my beard brush?

Cleaning your beard brush is as important as cleaning your beard. Imagine spending all that time in the shower washing with your beard shampoo, drying then applying your favourite oil or balm, only to then brush through your beard with a brush that hasn't been cleaned for months. The brush will be full of all sorts of undesirable debris that you could very well be brushing straight back into your beard. 

Cleaning Your Beard Brush

How often should I clean my brush?

There's no specific schedule you need to stick to when it comes to cleaning your beard brush. It's simply a case of keeping an eye on it and judging for yourself whether it needs to be cleaned. The more you use it and the more beard products you use, the more you will need to clean your brush.

As a very general rule of thumb, inspect it every couple of weeks and clean if required.

Combing your brush

Without a doubt the best way to remove hairs trapped in your beard brush is to comb it.

Run a wide or fine tooth (not too fine) comb through the bristles, front to back and side to side. This will bring any trapped hairs to the top of the bristles which can be easily removed by hand. Our cellulose acetate combs are perfect for this.

Remove Hair From Beard Brush

As you can see, when you run your comb through the brush, it brings hairs and other trapped debris to the top. This can then be removed with ease.

The Best Way To Clean A Beard Brush

Clear out the trapped skin and other debris

Your beard brush has two functions, the primary function is to style and straighten your beard, the second is that it works very well as an exfoliator. It's that second reason why you end up with so much dead skin and debris stuck inside your brush. That's without taking into account brushing through your beard with products such as balm in them. There's nothing wrong with doing that, that is what you're supposed to do, however it does lead to a build up of products inside the brush. This needs to be cleaned away from time to time.

Dead Skin On Beard Brush

Washing your brush

It can be necessary to wash your beard brush to remove skin debris and beard product build up. This sort of build up will occur around the lower part of the bristles and on the brush body between the bristles.

Run the tap or fill the sink with warm (not hot) water, place the bristles under the tap and work away the debris carefully with your fingers. Be sure to manipulate the bristles to allow the water to flow in-between them. Use your fingertips to gently clean the brush body between the bristle groups. Do not fully immerse the brush handle under the water.

Washing Your Beard Brush

A little shampoo can help to clean your brush, it is made of hair at the end of the day. We use our unscented beard shampoo for this, but any gentle shampoo will work just fine.

Do not put your beard brush in the dishwasher (seriously, people have done this) and do not rub it with an abrasive cloth.

Shampoo Beard Brush

Drying your brush

Pat the brush dry with a clean, soft towel to remove the majority of the water. Then (if possible) hang it up somewhere indoors at room temperature and allow it to air-dry completely.

That's it, your beard brush has been properly cleaned. Be sure to do this as regularly as you deem necessary and your beard brush can last a lifetime.

A Clean Beard Brush

This next step applies ONLY to our Olive Wood beard brushes. Every now and then treat your brush with a coating of olive oil or sunflower oil. Simply rub it on with a paper towel and allow the wood to soak it up, this helps both protect the wood and preserve its lovely colour. 

Oil Your Beard Brush

What is your recommendation for a good beard brush?

Beard brushes come in all shapes and sizes. The one you see us cleaning in this article is our hand crafted Olive Wood beard brush. This brush has 5 rows of stiff boar hair which allows for effortless gliding and penetration of the beard. Being able to get the bristles down to the skin is very important for exfoliation, often cheap Chinese-made brushes use a softer bristle which bend and are not capable of getting as deep into the beard as ours. You can clearly see the quality of these hand made brushes in the close up photos above.

Our brush is also longer than most, sitting at 21.5cm in length, the ergonomic  handle is designed in such a way that allows for comfortable brushing and prevents you needing to bend your wrist in all sorts of directions.

Finally, we don't really need to mention how good they look, you can see the beautiful grain for yourself.

We hope you have found this article useful and you now have the knowledge to keep your beard brush looking and feeling brand new for years to come!

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