It's time! We're open!
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It's time! We're open!

It's been a long road but we're here, launch day!

We're excited to announce that Balm House is now ready for business. We wanted to make sure everything was right before we made our products publicly available.

Let's share with you our journey on how Balm House came about.



9 September
Initial idea to manufacture and share our knowledge of beard oil with the world.

20 September
Using our knowledge of beard oil we spent time researching the best all-natural oils to use as the base of our commercial beard oil.

28 September
Sourcing high quality ingredients for use in our beard oils. Our suppliers are highly regarded and so we can guarantee the quality of all ingredients.

13 October
Testing of base oils. Over 30 variations of our base oil were created in order to make sure the perfect blend of ingredients were used.

2 November
Crafting of the scents. This took us more than a month to complete. Creating scents isn't easy. More than 150 scents were created and only the best 6 were selected to move on to testing.

6 December
Testing of completed beard oils on willing humans (no animals were used during testing).

20 December
Receipt of feedback from human testers. All positive.


5 January
Freeze/thaw tests performed amongst other tests to confirm the oil consistency/expiry.

15 January
Finished beard oil formulas submitted to a UK based bio-science company to gain their CPSR documents.

2 February
Completed CPSR documents received, PIF files created and product formulas notified to the CPNP.

10 February
Final branded products bottled ready for market.

20 February
Website developed ready for launch day.

5 March
Final checks to make sure everything is in order before we release our new beard oils.

24 March

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