Has Your Beard Balm Melted?
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Has Your Beard Balm Melted?

So, the summer is fast approaching and many of you will be off somewhere sunny, while the rest of us enjoy the British summer.
Regardless of where you are, the summer is warm and this can have a detrimental effect on your beard care products. So if you've noticed that your beard balm has melted keep reading to see how you can resolve this.

Many people have covered the topic of caring for your beard in the heat, however, no one has really covered how to keep your beard products safe from the warm weather.

It's not good for your beard products to be heated and cooled on a regular basis, this is particularly true for balms and butters.
If a balm or butter is heated to the point where it begins to melt, it will solidify again once it cools but this will have a detrimental effect on the product. Balms and butters containing Shea Butter will form tiny grains or beads if melted and allowed to set slowly. This is due to the natural fatty acids separating from the rest of the product as it cools. Read our blog post on grainy beard balm to find out more.

Has Your Beard Balm Melted?

We have listed below a few rules for looking after your products in the summer heat.

  1. Keep your products out of direct sunlight
    Whether they're in your bathroom, on your desk or a bedside table. Make sure you keep your balm out of the sun, pop them in a drawer or cupboard where the temperature will remain pretty much constant.

  2. Avoid carrying products in a pocket
    Many people take their beard products with them on the go, so they can re-apply during the day. During the warmer months you might find the need to re-apply more often and so you're tempted to carry your products with you. If you do, make sure you store your products in a bag/backpack or similar, rather than in your pocket as your body heat combined with the summer heat will melt any balms/butters. If you must do this then an oil is definitely a better choice to take with you than a balm or butter.

  3. Do not leave products in a hot car
    This is a simple DO NOT do it, if you must leave a balm or butter in your car, put it in the boot or glove box under some other items to keep the heat away from it as best you can. If you leave a balm or butter on your seat, dash, door pocket or centre console then expect it to be a liquid when you return to your car.

This is mostly logic but if we can stop one melted beard balm then it'll be worth it!

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