Petroleum - Why You Should Avoid It
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Petroleum - Why You Should Avoid It

False shine, skin dryness, stunted hair growth, blocked follicles, do these sound like the qualities of a decent beard product? We don't think so..

You may or may not be aware of the uses for Petroleum or "Petrolatum" in beard care/hair care products. It's safe to say, this is an ingredient that should be avoided at all costs. Always read the ingredients of beard products carefully before purchasing.

Avoid Petroleum

What Is Petroleum? 
Petroleum is a semi-solid substance that is composed of non-polar, water-repelling hydrocarbons. It is used widely in the cosmetics industry because it is cheaper to use as a filler ingredient than other oils.

Why Do Some Companies Use Petroleum In Their Beard Products? 
The use of Petroleum is common in shampoos aimed at ethnic markets, this is because Petroleum has the ability to immediately soften textured hair, it does this by coating the strand forming a barrier that locks in moisture and adds shine. This might sound like a great ingredient to use on a coarse beard, keep reading to find out why it's not.

So, Why Is Petroleum Bad? 
Petroleum based products can clog hair follicles. This clogging can lead to problems like dandruff or sluggish hair growth over time.
Most people apply Petroleum to combat skin dryness and flaking, but flaking and dryness result because there is a lack of moisture reaching the skin.

The barrier Petroleum creates on the hair shaft keeps additional, necessary moisture from entering the shaft. Petroleum based products will cause the hair to shine, but will not allow the hair to be effectively moisturised.
Many people mistake the artificial shine Petroleum imparts for healthy moisture. As users add more and more Petroleum based products to the hair for “moisturisation,” the drier the hair will begin to feel.
True moisture–water simply cannot get into the shaft when layers of Petroleum based products have built up on the strands. Because they repel moisture, overuse of Petroleum based products can lead to dryness and breakage which stunts hair growth.

Balm House is totally against the use of Petroleum, we do not use it in any of our beard care products.

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