The Ultimate Guide To Beard Dandruff
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The Ultimate Guide To Beard Dandruff

You’ve spent months or years growing out your beard, with excitement at the prospect of adding extra character and definition to your face.

Only to have your experience overshadowed by a dry, itchy beard that prominently displays unsightly white flakes, which makes wearing dark clothing an embarrassing nightmare.

If you’ve arrived at this page at the end of your tether, we’re here to reassure you that beard dandruff can be stopped in its flaky tracks.

Beard itch

The Itch, The Flakes, The Embarrassment - Beard Dandruff Explained

As many as 1 in every 2 beards suffer from beard dandruff, so fear not, you’re not alone - even the most seasoned beardsmen can face the blight. Even though dandruff is so common, it’s still a stigmatised issue that can cause severe embarrassment, anxiety and a lack of confidence, wrongly portrayed as unhealthy and unhygienic. In fact, a third of dandruff victims have reportedly avoided a social situation.

What is Beard Dandruff?

Just like the flakes many people experience on their heads, beard dandruff (or beardruff) occurs when your body has a negative reaction to Malassezia globosa, a natural fungus that is present on everyone’s face - and you can experience similar flakes from skin dryness, too.

Most common on oily skin types, this fungus breaks down your natural oils to create oleic acid, which can irritate your skin and result in a rapid process of skin shedding that causes inflammation, itchiness and flaking.

To beat dandruff, it’s important to follow a consistent beard grooming routine that removes oily build-up whilst ensuring hydration.

If you’re ready to find out how to relieve your beard dandruff once and for all, we’re here to help.

beard dandruffwhat is beard dandruff?

3 Steps to Clear Beard Dandruff


Cleansing your facial skin and hair correctly is your first key step in learning how to stop beard dandruff. Harsh facial cleansers and standard shampoos may keep your beard clean, but this is at the expense of removing vital natural oils.

A dedicated beard shampoo is designed to provide gentle cleansing whilst keeping your oils intact, ensuring that your beard is free of dirt, sweat, food crumbs and pesky skin flakes.


Exfoliation is the process of removing the top layer of skin cells, ridding the face of flakes before they have a chance to ruin your beard or outfit and stimulating new cell growth.

If you’re suffering with beard dandruff, using a high-quality beard brush can bring your dandruff to the surface for easy removal, whilst providing facial exfoliation to remove dead cells and distribute your natural sebum evenly into your beard.


Having a beard tends to make your skin drier than normal, so conditioning your facial skin and hair is a crucial part in combatting beard dandruff.

You may be tempted to reach for your normal moisturiser, but if the product isn’t formulated for beards, it may can clog beard hair without reaching your moisture-starved skin.

Dedicated beard oils with nourishing vitamins and minerals are specifically designed to provide rich hydration for dry, flaky skin underneath your beard.

Our Solution to Removing Beard Dandruff

At Balm House, we’ve developed a thoroughly tested three-step system to combat your beard dandruff once and for all, for a flake-free, lustrous beard without itchiness.

Cleansing: Specialist beard cleansing products should be your go to, but it’s vital to check the formula and ensure that you’re not loading your flaky skin with anything that only temporarily solves your beard dandruff issue.

We particularly advise the use of beard shampoos and soaps containing Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Kernel Extract and Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, which are effective on inflammatory skin conditions to minimise itchiness and flaking.

Exfoliating: At Balm House, we know that exfoliation is best achieved with a high-quality beard brush! A brush made from boar hair is your best friend, offering a stiff texture that can get into your beard’s roots for effective dead skin exfoliation without irritating your skin.

With a composition that’s close to human hair, boar hair brushes provide the added bonus of absorbing your natural sebaceous oils from your skin and redistributing evenly throughout your beard.

Conditioning: To properly moisturise your malnourished skin, we’ve studied natural ingredients to find an ideal hydration combination for solving even the most resistant beard dandruff woes.

We specifically recommend the use of non-comedogenic products containing anti-fungal Jojoba Oil, anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera, nutrient-rich Almond Oil and Argan Oil - which is packed with vitamins, omega fatty acids, linoleic acids, antioxidants and much more.

Our Beard Dandruff Kit

The Balm House Beard Dandruff Kit contains three specially selected products to reduce skin dryness, itchiness and beard dandruff flakes for good, perfecting your cleanse-exfoliate-condition ritual for the best possible results.

When used consistently as a regular beard grooming routine, this kit will clear up beard dandruff within 4 weeks, but you'll most likely start to see results much quicker.

Our maximum foaming-action Beard Shampoo cleanses your beard for reinvigorating freshness & whisking away impurities leaving your beard clean and feeling fresh.

To ensure your skin gets the exfoliation you need, we’ve paired this with our exceptionally high-quality Pear Wood Beard Brush, featuring naturally stiff boar hair bristles to remove dead skin cells for even the thickest of beards.

The third product in this dandruff-beating trio is our luxurious Beard Oil, loaded with the nourishing nutrients, vitamins and minerals your beard and skin need to beat the flakes for good.

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Check out our beard dandruff kit

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