The Key To A Softer Beard
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The Key To A Softer Beard

Do you gaze in to the mirror every morning and ponder at your wild facial fuzz questioning “why is my beard so damn wiry?” and "there must be a beard softener out there that will work for me?"

Does that sound like you?

Don't worry, you're not alone! Thousands of men experience coarse dry facial hair and often the many perils that come along with it, including itchy dry flaky skin. It's such a nuisance and not to mention embarrassing especially when those little white flakes become visible.

So how can I combat my dry beard?

It's more simple than you might think. There are 3 easy steps to growing a healthy, nourished beard.

Step 1: Keep it clean

Washing is part of our daily routine, but how well do we really clean our beards? It's essential that you exfoliate the skin beneath properly. Throughout the day our faces and beards are exposed to the elements, but not all of the debris is visible.

In just one day we can expect to come in to contact with many types of fine dirt particles, droplets of perspiration and accidental food spillages. Combined all of this dirt and moisture can build up on the surface of our skin and consequently block the pores on our face. An easy way of combating this issue is to open the pours and release the build up. Exfoliating in the shower when the pores are open will help.

Using a boar hair brush to massage the skin under the beard is another successful method of exfoliating. The coarse hairs gently graze the face and assist in the removal of dead skin cells.

Step 2: Indulge your beard

Now here is the important part and not too many men know about this little secret but those that do say it's revolutionised their beard game. You've probably heard of a beard oil and beard balm but have you heard of beard butter?

This unique product is the ultimate game changer for bearded gents.

Why is a butter so beneficial, you ask?

Beard butter boasts multiple hair repairing attributes that will help transform that dry brittle beard in to a super nourished mane. The cleverly formulated recipe consists of the highest quality ingredients which will moisturise and condition deep in to the roots and assist in the restoration process, making your hair stronger and visibly healthier.

This excellent product is a must for men with dry or damaged hair. The natural blended oils combined with the best selection of butters will help protect your facial hair from symptoms of dehydration.

Beard butter can be used both day and night to provide extra moisture for your hair. Its special composition enables it to soak slowly in to the hair lasting long in to the day. Often men prefer to apply the butter in the evening. The advantage of this is that your beard will be subjected to the conditioning and moisturising qualities for an extended duration.

For an easy application blend the butter between your fingers until you achieve a thick creamy consistency. Then massage the butter through your hair distributing evenly to create a protective coating.

Our butters come in a wide variety of scents ranging from citrusy fresh to minty clean or a musky, masculine aroma, there's something to suit everybody. We recommend Orphic Forest butter this woody masculine aroma is our number one product and has been awarded 5 stars from all of our customers.

Step 3: Persevere

If you want to keep a healthy beard you have to be persistent. It won't take long to see the positive effects of a hair conditioning product such as beard butter. However you do need to stick with it, once you stop providing your beard with all of the valuable nutrients it requires. It will slowly loose its healthy lustre.

You won't be disappointed if you make beard butter a part of your grooming regime. A decent butter is the best investment you can make for your beard and our customers agree that Balm House beard butter is without a doubt the best you can find. It's been stated that in as early as one day the beard feels noticeably softer smoother and more manageable.

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