What's around the corner?
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What's around the corner?

We've been listening to customer feedback and working hard recently to make sure we're offering exactly what you want! We have some exciting things coming over the next few months and we want to fill you in!

Beard Butter
We've had a lot of requests to create a great beard butter with the same scents as our newly released beard balms. That's exactly what we're doing, we have the formulas worked out and they're currently going through testing. We aim to release the beard butter range in late-October.

Beard Oil Scents
When we released the beard balms, we designed 3 new scents 1928, Halcyon and Dalliance. These new scents will now be made as beard oils too. These will be released at the same time as the beard butters.

Gift Sets
We currently offer 3 different gift sets, we plan to add 2 more gift sets to the range. Keep an eye on the website for these being added. Remember to sign up to our mailing list (at the foot of this page) to receive emails about all of our latest updates and product releases.

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