Uniquely formulated to revitalise even the most coarse, dry beards, our hedonistically rich beard butters are loaded with nourishing ingredients including Vitamin A and E, essential fatty acids, lipids and antioxidants. Our beard butters combine the conditioning properties of our beard balms with natural taming power, locking in moisture and leaving your hair and facial skin feeling divinely soft and lustrous. It’s time to treat your beard to the best beard butter in the UK!

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        Our luxury beard butters have a silky smooth texture that leaves no residue, soaking deep into beard hair and facial skin for intensive, long-lasting conditioning. With a complex, innovative formula, each fragrant beard butter combines essential unsaturated fatty acids, natural antioxidants, multivitamins, phenolic compounds and minerals to seal in moisture to beard hair, reduce breakage and nourish skin, in addition to reducing dry patches and inflammation.

        Containing argan oil, aloe vera leaf juice, mango kernel butter and shea butter, our beard butters can be applied directly to a damp or dry beard for convenient usage - with only a fingertip amount required. We recommend using our beard butters just before you go to sleep, allowing its rich formulation to soak deep into your facial hair and skin for the best possible results. Enjoy waking up with a hydrated, manageable and low-maintenance beard, with the best beard butter in the UK.