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I think this one is great, can't get enough of the wood and spice combination

Love these

I bought a pair of these at the lifestyle expo in Manchester, they're so comfortable to use and makes trimming my beard so much easier. I use them a lot and they haven't lost their sharpness.


I love this scent. I've purchased it a few times now!

A great comb

This is a lovely peach wood comb, made with a top quality finish, it glides through my long often tangled beard with ease. Perfect for finishing off after you have applied your beard balm.

The orginal

This is a pure pleasure to use, no scent so if you are using other products it wont clash. For the times when you just need the qualities of a top notch oil without the aroma. The this is my go to product

Beard oil

This stuff is amazing. Lovely scent which lasts for hours. Leaves the beard feeling soft and managable. Would recommend anyone to try

Hi Nigel, thanks for the great review. We're glad you like Autumn Spice :)
A well made and great feeling brush

This is a great boar hair brush, which fits perfect in your hand and glides through even my unruly beard. The stiff bristle feel great on your chin as you use this brush, this now has pride of place in my beard box.

Hi Rich, thanks for the review. We're really happy you're enjoying the brush.
Morning Dew Balm

When I first got my hands on morning dew I wasn’t sure on it, I then started to scoop the balm from the tin and rubbed into my palms and my view on it changed as it releases a minty scent when the balm is being worked into and the balm isn’t to hard like some but also not soft like butter it’s not a spot on hardness and doesn’t feel like you rubbing grit into your hands like other brands I have used. I do recommended using it with the morning dew oil aswell so then you not mixing up scents but this has the thumbs up for sure! Another balm house products that I will buy again for sure

Hi Karl, thanks for the great review, we're glad you're enjoying it.
An idyllically happy and fruity scent

What is not to love, the all-day Mango scent which also holds and conditions your facial hairs. This is light and sweet scent that’s only downside is it makes you feel hungry all day for some fresh fruit. Perfect in the summer, to give you that exotic and tranquil feel. However I guess this will be just as amazing on a cold winter day if only to remind you that the sun will come back. While I was at work people would be making comments when they came close about the lovely sweet smell. Halcyon is strong and long lasting, however it’s not overpowering.

Frank and Fig, a most amazing scent.

This one caught me off guard, I mean what is Frankincense, I know its linked to the baby Jesus and Christmas so I did not have a clue what to expect. I’m very happy to say WOW, Frankincense and Fig is amazing and why have I not seem this scent anywhere else. As with all the balms they go on well and leave your beard feeling lush. This Balm has 6 natural oils and butters which all help it glide through the hairs on your chin. The scent lasts all day without being overpowering. I had fun with this one asking people to guess the scent on my beard. No-one could guess the scent be they all came back for a second sniff and left smiling. So a winner all round.

A manly beard scent

My preference is the lighter fruity scents however there are times when you just want a good manly scent and Orphic forest in its 60ml tin is just what you are looking for. Pull on your checked lumberjack shirt, gentle rub into your beard a small amount of this smooth Pine and sandalwood balm, breath in its Cedarwood and rosewood undertones which starts to work its way out from your now manly smelling beard. With Orphic Forest you will become the man your beard wants you to be.

Fruit freshness that you will love

OMG Grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange hits you from the start. This is one of my personal favourites in the whole range, when you absolutely need that zingy citrus hit in the morning, then you won’t go far wrong with this balm. It holds your beard with a medium hold all while protecting and soothing your skin on your face. As I mentioned this is a great morning scent however I find it still keeps going and smells awesome on a night out as well. The ladies love this one as well, fruit freshness.

Morning dew is morning fresh

This is an amazing 60ml tin of pure freshness, the balm has a great texture which melts in your fingers and glides effortless into every follicle on your beard, the scent is a uplifting mix of peppermint and hints of citrus. It’s strong at first but quickly settles down to a gentle delicate background scent. Over the course of the day you will catch traces of the scent and it keeps your beard smelling great

Epic on all levels

What a nice surprise to come home too, incredible value the build quality is top notch and the suprises packaged inside are faultless. I went for 2 oils and 2 balms Halcyon, 1928, citron provocateur and orphic forest. It's hard to chose my favourite as there all unique and smell amazing. My daughter likes 1928 the best and comments Daddy you smell like a sweetie shop .
Both balms and oils are of incredible quality far superior to others I have tried, my beard feels silky smooth and leave no nasty residue on my face.
Don't think twice about buying this, just grab it now. My only issue is I can't make up my mind on what to order next.

Hi Sean, thanks for the great review! :)
Oil review

I’ll start with the scent as that is the big talking point on this oil if you prefer woody scented oils then look no further in the beard I can smell pine needles and I love it it’s like the scent of walking through a trail in autum where you can smell the pine trees it really took me back to being a kid again and going on a walk through a country trail. The oil it’s self doesn’t leave the beard greasy intact it does the complete opposite every time I have used this oil it’s left the beard very soft and feeling really looked after again I would highly recommend this oil to anyone that’s looking to try a new oil and maybe a trip down memory lane aswell .

Hi Steven, we're glad you're enjoying Orphic Forest :)
Balm review

I’ll start with the scent as wen it’s first opened it smells like the orange starbursts/opal fruits (depending on your age) so it smells very strong in the tin but when it’s been applied to the beard the scent isn’t overpowering and you are left with the a citrus scent then is quite understated (I personally like that.) the balm it’s self is easy to get out the tin and melts in the head very easy it keeps the beard soft while providing a little hold aswell without leaving the beard feeling stiff or heavy it has now become part of my morning routine it’s one of the better balms on the market high quality product from balm house and I would happily recommend this to anyone looking to try out a new beard care company

Hi Steven, thanks for the great review :)

This is a great gift, I bought one at the Manchester Expo and my Dad loves it. I definitely recommend

Hi Geoff, we're glad you're enjoying the gift set!
Fantastic Balm

This is a great balm for those who like me, love the sweeter scents. It's got a great bubble gum scent, strong enough to last several hours but not over powering.

The balm its self is a great texture and isn't grainy like other brands. As any balm its susceptible to temperature so if its stored somewhere to hot or cold the form will alter slightly.

Service was great, the balm arrived super quick and came very well packaged.

Its a 60ml tin, much better than the usual 15ml you find with other sellers.

Great value and great product.

Hi Jonny, thanks for the great review :)
Dalliance Balm

I chose this because I'm a big fan of the smell of frankincense when it's burnt.

This balm does not smell particularly strong when it's in the tin, but once it gets in your beard, it's fantastic.

The fragrance isn't overwhelming or synthetic-smelling and it's really long lasting - every time I touch my beard I get a refreshing waft!

The balm provides good control - my beard can be pretty unruly, but Dalliance seemed to cope.

My current favourite!

Hi Simon, what a great review, thank you! We're glad you're enjoying Dalliance!

Mango heaven. This scent is superb and actually lasts a long time. Leaves a good hold and feels great. Only a small but needed and beard feels really better with it.

Hi Robert, thank you for the great review :)
Lovely smell

Was not keen on it at first but after using it loved it great smell and just feels good fantastic oil

We're really glad you like the scent :)
Fantastic product

Fantastic smell and amazing hold melts in the hands straight away no problems at all.. can't recommend this product enough

Hi Marc, thanks for the great review!
Simply outstanding

Genuinely don't even know where to start, I've always had an issue growing past the annoying itchy face syndrome, after reading reviews I ordered my first beard oil. Delivery was slick, packaging is incredible and for customer support as stupid how it sounds i asked "how do I use this" response I received was supportive and informative with a feeling of nothing is an issue ask away...
I eagerly opened the bottle and was grated to the most incredible smell, Smokey with lots of zest and an added punch of attitude.
The feeling months beard is like something else, it's silky smooth to the touch and has eliminated any such itchiness I once witnessed, for that alone I think you Balm House.
1 extra plus point is my little girl also loves the fell and scent so I now get even more daddy snuggles.
The only negative I can see is not being able to decide which to order next !
Order you won't be disappointed.

Hi Sean, thanks for the great in depth review. We're happy both you and your daughter approve of the scent. Thanks again!
1928 balm

I have the full set of balm houses and slowly working my way though them, I applied this loverly bubblegum scents balm last night at 7pm to go to a wedding reception and the balm did the job perfectly held the beard in place and when I woke up the following morning I could still smell the scent. This balm it great

Hi Karl, thank you for the brilliant review. We're glad you're loving 1928 :)

Where do I start with this. What a fantastic range. The tins are well designed and looks fantastic and 60ml so plenty of balm. The actual scents are superb. 1928 and Hyclon are my favourites. The balm spreads nicely and easy to apply and leave a very nice hold. The scents last longer than and other brand I've used. Superb overall.

Hi Robert, thanks for the amazing review. We're glad you like the balms :)