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What an amazing set. The box is brilliant and I've even managed to store oils in it too. The actual products are brilliant and really make the beard feel great. Currently in using Halcyon (mango) and 1928 (bubblegum) they are my two favorite scents by far. Well worth the money...

Great set.

Great smelling non oily beard oil. Well presented, top quality products. Will be re ordering.

Xmas Gift

Purchase this for my husband as a Christmas present, he loved it.
It was very well presented, arrived well packed and on time.
This is a great gift and would highly recommend it.

Hi Jeannette, we're delighted your husband loved it. Thanks for the great review!
perfect product

I am delighted with this cracking product. not only does it do as claimed, keep my long beard in full control, it smells great and is really economic inasmuch as a little goes a long way! cheers, I shall be back more.

Hi George, thanks for the great review! We're happy you like the product :)

Definitely one of the best oils I've ever used!

Thanks for the great review MJ
Dalliance beard butter

I bought the Dalliance beard butter for two reasons: my beard tend toward dryness and the smell of the Dalliance balm is my all time favourite.

The beard butter does not disappoint. It has the same smell as its balm counterpart and after nearly 3-weeks of use my beard is noticeably softer and less brittle.

Excellent product

Hi Simon, we're glad you like Dalliance! Thanks for the great review :)
The best for a happy scent

A long lasting bubblegum scent, brings a smile to the face while treating the beard.

Thanks for the great review Carl :)
Insane product

This is stunning, ordered this has part of my subscription, in was looking for something a little different, I have most of the range from Balm house now, from sweet scents to woody smoky little bad boys. This scent is the master piece in the middle, touch of sweet and lots of punch from the hearty woody and smoke notes. Really love it gives a long lasting freshness to the beared, whilst the top quality oil keeps it silky smooth and manageable.
What's next balm house? Bet you can't beat this one !!

We're glad you like it Sean :)
Boom !!

Wow just wow don't know where to start with this one, ordered as part of my subscription and to be honest didn't really know what to expect.
Once I had opened it I was hooked!! Scent is woody and smokey and I'd say the star in my balm house collection so far. Great lasting smell too, easily lasts through the day and the balm itself is as always of epic quality.
I really love this product and I can't recomend it enough.
Thanks Balm house

Cheers for the great review Sean! :)
Great gift

This is a Christmas gift for my son and I can't comment on the products yet but the presentation of the items is lovely. It makes the gift look really special.
Delivery was prompt and the packaging well thought out.

Hi Ann, thank you for the great review. We look forward to hearing what your son thinks!! :)
Boyfriend Loves It

This is a fantastic little gift set, my boyfriend loved it!

Hi Emma, thanks for the lovely review. We're glad he likes it :)
1928 butter

Loving this butter, it’s not super soft like a lot on the market that’s like a foam but a bit more solid. Also holds the beard well and smells great. Top product once again

Thanks for the great review Karl :)

A great quality beard balm! It's easy to get out of the tin, melts into a great oil within seconds and keeps my beard in great shape for the majority of the day. The smell of this beard balm is amazing and I was excited to finally find a bubblegum balm! Unfortunately the scent did not agree with my skin (rare case may I add), however Balm House swapped the product for me for an all natural ingredient one which resolved the problem instantly.

Pairing the balm with bear butter is a great idea, using the beard butter before bed to really condition your beard!

Great products and amazing customer service, thanks Balm House!

We're always happy to help :) Glad we got you sorted! Thanks for the great review!

This beard butter is the best I have ever tried and I have tried tonnes of products from different companies within the UK and USA! The smell is fantastic, it's a real hit of freshness that gives you a great get up and go feeling. The butter is smooth and a little goes a long way, meaning that the generous tub size will last a while! Good work guys!

Thanks for the great review Luke, we're glad you like it :)
A scent to fill your beard with happiness

1928 has to be the best, and now it’s in oil, balm and butter it’s a complete package! Used the butter before bed, (wife said the beard smelt Amazing), next morning I could still get the scent, great way to wake up with a smile. Take my hat off to Balmhouse for this one well done, one that HAS to be sampled by any bearded brother, and if you don’t have a beard, grow one quick!! You don’t know what you are missing.

Thanks for the great review Carl! :)
My son loves it

I bought this as a gift for my son who is growing his beard, he absolutely loves it. I chose the Orphic Forest (woodland scent) 1928 (bubblegum scent) Halcyon (mango scent) and Dalliance (frankincense scent). He loves every single one of them!

Hi Emma, we're glad you and your son like it, thanks for the great review :)
Got Some At Christmas Market

I got some of this at the Christmas Market a week or so ago. I now plan to be a long-term Balm House customer! It's so good, smells great and you only need to use a small amount to get great results. I fully recommend it!

Thanks Paul, we're glad you like it. It was great to meet you at the market!
Great brush

Was never one for using a brush before but this brush changed that. Great firm bristles and a good size. Definitely worth a purchase.

Hi Seoras, thank you for the kind words, we're glad you like the brush :)
Great Xmas Gift

I purchased this gift set at the Patchings Christmas market, they were really knowledgeable and advised me what would work best for my son. The gift set is very well put together and makes a lovely Christmas present. I can't wait for him to open it on Christmas morning!

Hi June, it was great chatting to you. We hope he loves the gift :)
Boar Beard Brush.

After losing my so called boar beard brush from a another company I ordered this one from Balmhouse.I was worried about size as the last one I had was round and a lot smaller but this really does feel comfortable in the hand and during use. Quality is evident from the stiff bristles of the the boar brush and it really does help sort out the unruly hairs. Feels great using it and I've noticed a change after a few days of using. Very good quality and price is well worth it.

We're glad you like the brush Robert! :)

I think this one is great, can't get enough of the wood and spice combination

Hi MJ, thank you for the kind words :)
Love these

I bought a pair of these at the lifestyle expo in Manchester, they're so comfortable to use and makes trimming my beard so much easier. I use them a lot and they haven't lost their sharpness.

Hi Keiran, it was great to meet you at the show. We're glad you like the scissors!

I love this scent. I've purchased it a few times now!

Hi MJ, thank you for the kind words!
A great comb

This is a lovely peach wood comb, made with a top quality finish, it glides through my long often tangled beard with ease. Perfect for finishing off after you have applied your beard balm.

We're glad you like the comb Rich!
The orginal

This is a pure pleasure to use, no scent so if you are using other products it wont clash. For the times when you just need the qualities of a top notch oil without the aroma. The this is my go to product

Hi Rich, Thank you for the kind words :)