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Balm House Reviews

Here's a list of reviews that Balm House customers have left about our beard oil, beard balm, beard butter and beard accessories
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Halcyon Beard Butter
Catl Preston
Great product!

My wife has been buying me the butter for a while now, if she loves it, enough said! I'm now buying it myself and will continue to do so. Haven't found a better product...


Love the butters. They smell good, make your beard feel nice and look good.

Great product, soften beard nicely

I purchased this product as I used beard oil before but it made my skin very sensitive (it seemed I had an allergic reaction). I was looking into many beard butter, but in the UK there’s not that many, only beard balm, which I didn’t want. However, after buying this product, it has made my beard so much softer, and now it’s staple in my daily routine, one in the morning and one at night. Usually I Apply it to dry beard rather than damp as I feel it holds the butter. The scent is great as well! Initially I thought it was too strong, but that’s only because I opened it the first time. The scent goes down where it’s subtle which is great! Will definitely buy again!

Beard has never felt so good

First off. The smell, at first is not pleasant admittedly, only there when first lathering up. Naturally scented, as opposed to unscented.
However, my beard is thankful for the natural ingredients. It's soft and easy to manage. Will be my go to wash and conditioner going forward. A must for all beards :)

Best products used!

These have to be some of the best oils and butters I have ever used. Packaged extremely well and secure. Postage has been a little slow, but under current circumstances, how this handled is fantastic (I thank you for the additional oil) the scents from the oils last almost all day. The butter feels fantastic in my beard, and it is the softest it has ever been. I wont be using anywhere else again. By far the best beard products I've had the pleasure of using and smelling

Excellent present

This is a superb present - I gifted my partner this set in Halcyon and he loved it. The scent is exquisite and the packaging was beautiful! Really can’t fault it and will continue to buy from the Balm House. Great to be able to support a local business too!

Love it

Amazing stuff

I first bought this companies products on eBay, namely beard butter and then the Mrs bought me beard oil. This stuff is AMAZING. I use the Nineteen 28 scent of high is a sweet bubblegum and it’s amazing beard is soft, smells great and manageable…. I will be buying more from here and will recommend them to anyone with a beard


The beard balm, butter and shampoo are the best I've had.
The fragrance is nice; not over powering. The balm and butter work in well and do make the hair soft and cares for your skin (in my experience).
The scissor and comb are well made and are super high quality, you can definitely feel it in the product.
The brush itself is lovely to use and is nice quality also. However, I would say the bristles do need to be a little more firm as it doesn't penetrate the hair too well when you brush through it.
Id say the price is reasonable considering quality as long shelf life with the balm and butter and quality of everything else.
Good purchase indeed.

Beard butter

Love the beard butter noticed a difference after a couple of days beard more soft and more manageable smells great there was a delay in my order balm house gave me a free oil for the delay thank u great company will be returning for more butter best butter around

new fragrance

thought i would try something different and its a great product as ever with a really nice citrus smell - highly recommend

Superb stuff !

Excellent product with a lovely fresh fruity aroma. Top class packaging, will definitely be using again.

Premium quality.

I am very impressed with the premium quality of the beard butter, balm & oil. The service, delivery and packaging was excellent. The scent is wonderful and long lasting. The products make my beard soft and leaves it in great condition all day compared to other inferior products. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and I will definitely be purchasing from Balm House again. The value for money is great as the products go a long way by using very little and last a long time. Undoubtedly the best range of beard products I have tried. Take the plunge and try these products, you’ll be glad you did. Thanks.

Beard balm and butter gift set

Bought this for my partner, in the nineteen28 fragrance. This is his favourite smell and also he as used many products and beard and balm is the best he's used. He smells amazing everytime he puts this on and also the smell lasts for hours. He as settled for these products and won,t try anywhere else.

New Customer

Great products - my beard is happy!

Amazing Quality Beard Products

Since growing a beard in 2020 I have always used Beard oil and wash to ensure ease or growing and proper care of looking after my beard. During this time as with most people in the UK new to growing beards I suspect I looked in boots and thought the products I found were ok they lacked something that other not well known / specialist companies had!

Thats where I started the search for a new company too try the products of! I very quickly found Balm House. The staff were amazingly helping and are genuinely passionate about the beard stuggle and helping preople find the products they need.

I bought the beard cleansing set and beard oil in citrus, WOW and that stands for wow oh wow! The oil smells great and I cannot wait to try another, its not very thick so doesn't clog up pours and smells great to boot. Comes in a glass bottle with an drip applicator and all the hardware of the product is just spot on!

For the Cleansing kit, not much to say on this one other than it is a great shampoo and conditioner and comes with a beard brush also. What I must say Is that my beard now feels softer and well nourished compared to when I was using another brand (Bull Dog) and I would fully recommend as a place to start with balm house products.

Thanks so much team and my new order is incoming!

Beard Oil Sample
C Griffiths
Balm House samples

An excellent way to test the fantastic scents available. I absolutely love Balm House products and friendly service. Quality ingredients with amazing softening properties......result!

Halcyon Beard Butter
Ian Hawthorne
Very nice product

The beard butter is amazing - really hydrating, really softens beard. The mango scent is a little too sweet for me, but because I tend to use it overnight not too worried - will definitely be buying butter again when I run out - but will probably try a different scent.

Great product

Really like using this product on my beard. Holds the shape, softens and controls the wild hairs too! Great scent, very different from the usual beard balms.

Citrus Nefarious Beard Butter

I have found the perfect beard care for working with a mask on...Balm House Beard Butter.
This is excellent to use while wearing a mask all day. Softening my beard and making it smell fantastic. It does everything I require when I am working, the butter doesn't contain any wax (preventing your beard to kink and form right angles under a mask) but the nourishing natural ingredients will help soften your beard/skin and leaves it feeling amazing. I adore the Citrus Nefarious.... now to try some of the other scents.

Nineteen 28 Beard Butter
Ryan ChalcroftI'm
Does the job

Does the job, made my beard feel very soft!

Halcyon Beard Oil
Jane Saunders

The person that I bought it for seemed very pleased

Beard Care Gift Set
David Smith
Superb stuff !

Well what can I say ..... just brilliant service and excellent products from Balm House.
Will be my "go to place" for beard care.

Great butter

Thoroughly enjoyed this using this butter, great scent and nicecand smooth to easily apply. Will definitely be buying again.

Great product

Arrived quickly, great service. Really good product, helps with styling and smells great