Here at Balm House, we like to think of ourselves as one big family.
Meet our wonderful team, all doing great things for Balm House in their own special way.


Anthony Sneath

Founder / Director

"Working within the vaping industry gave me a whole new appreciation for manufacturing great products with high quality ingredients in a proper environment. I'd been making my own beard products for years prior to founding Balm House, I decided I wanted to bring a premium product to the market without the premium price tag. So in 2017 Charlotte and I began designing a range of high quality beard oils, from there the company has grown and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and the products we produce."


Charlotte Priestley

Founder / Director

"As co-director of Balm House, I'm responsible for creating our amazing range of premium Beard Care products. Developing my own cosmetics has been an ambition of mine for many years. My interest began during my early teens, as I enjoyed studying books about Aromatherapy. I gained an understanding of the positive health benefits of many different essential oils and became quite conscious of the benefits of using all natural ingredients.
So it's only natural that when I met Anthony we would explore this further and develop our own beard care range.
When I'm not busy creating beard care products for Balm House you will almost certainly find me working on something new and exciting in my craft room, It could be a period costume, maybe a machine embroidered textile pieces or even a project for one of my many workshops."


Sam Allen
Head Ambassador / Wholesale Adviser

"When I was given the opportunity to become an ambassador for Balm House, I jumped at the chance instantly. For me, it was a no brainer. To find a company so invested in sourcing the purest and most essential of ingredients to put into their products was a massive plus for me. The time and effort gone into crafting the scents was a bonus too! It’s great to use a balm or oil, and not smell like generic brands made by people who aren’t 100% invested in their products.

From helping out with the original testing, to using the final products that are readily available for all today, it makes it much easier to be passionate about Balm House as they make you feel part of a family, not just a guinea pig!

Being an ambassador isn’t just about talking about the items, it’s about being passionate about them. That comes down to using them daily and seeing the benefits they can bring personally."


Joe Dabill

"Hi, I’m Joe, 31, all my friends and family know me as 'Big Jud'. I am a father of three kids, which are the best thing in the world, married for 7 years to an amazing women. When I was asked to be a Balm House ambassador, I couldn’t believe it and I jumped at the chance to be involved with the brand. It’s the best I have ever used from the scents, the hold it gives you and down to the design of the bottles and packaging. I am 3 and a bit years into my beard journey which i am loving and I do not see in changing its path anytime in the near future. What I’ve learned having a beard is that the respect you get from other beardos and people in that community is fantastic. I am always happy to help anyone with beard advice and what brand to choose which has always been Balm House since the first drop of Citrus Nefarious hitting my beard. Remember bros keep it bearded!"


Sven Sauer

"When Anthony wrote me that him and Charlotte decided to ask if I would be willing to become a Balm House ambassador, I was flattered. Balm House products are just so great with only natural ingredients being used and the best scents ever touched your nose. The decisions was easy!
My beard journey started very early. Even before I had a beard I decided on how I would want to shave it. Thus I started with a mixture of Everlast and Fred Durst. Beard care was no matter those days. With my actual beard leaving out on beard care is not an option. And I enjoy it very much. Using different products, finding the best balm and oil for my style and my beard and skin, plus those different scents you can choose depending on mood and occasion, is just satisfying. With Balm House I definitely found the right brand serving all these wishes. I am very happy that I can spread the word and honestly promote their products. You won't find anything better out there. Enjoy your beard journey!"


Carl Sullivan

"Hello Bearded Brethren, I’m Carl and I’m proud to say I am an Ambassador for Balm House beard products.
I have had a goatee since my 20s but decided to grow a full beard a couple of years ago and although it has a tinge of ginger and a lot of grey! I am loving every hairy minute of it.
It was a lesson I learnt late about using oils/balms etc but when I did Balm House became a favourite as soon as I tried them. If you're new to the bearded lifestyle take some advice and get at least some oil for your beard, it will make caring for your pet chin so much more enjoyable.
I thoroughly recommended you give Balm House try, your beard will love you for it and you may find if you have a significant other they will appreciate the new groomed and scented beard just as much as you will.


Rich Snaith

"Hi there pogonophile’s! Yep, that’s the genuine term for people who love beards. I have always had a beard however recently I have gone for the full beard. I get many comments and people asking about my beard and asking “can I touch it”. The subject of beard products often comes up and it is with great pleasure and assurance that I can recommend Balm House products. For that reason I'm proud to be an ambassador. I firmly believe all great men at least once in their life need to grow a beard. And if you do then why not use the best products you can buy."



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